Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO technician by wall using moisture detection equipment

Finding the Water Damage in a Largo Home Using Science

This SERVPRO technician is using moisture detection equipment to determine how widespread the water damage is within this Largo property. The technicians bring numerous types of devices for different surfaces and areas of the home.

Man removing drywall.

SERVPRO removing contaminated drywall.

Our very own Joe Horak showcasing his professional demo work. After heavy storms moved through Largo and surrounding areas, a lot of homes were affected with flood water requiring the removal of affected materials. Whenever the need arises, SERVPRO of Largo is always ready for whatever happens! 727-586-0060.

Commercial Water Damage in Largo

Commercial water damage at this Largo Elks facility was due to a roof leak that developed. SERVPRO of Largo was called in to clean up the water and facilitate repairs to the roof. We responded quickly as our motto points out, “We are faster to any size disaster.” Prompt water cleanup is essential in preventing secondary damages.

Kitchen Water Damage in Clearwater

Kitchen water damage is quite common because of dishwashers, ice makers and other appliances which use water and can fail all the while dumping large amounts of water in your kitchen area.  Don't despair.  Contact our experienced team to mitigate the situation and remediate any damage.

Water Damage - Largo Home

Water damage to this Largo home left behind a musty odor which suggested that the mold content in the air was too high. When faced with this sort of odor problem our trained and certified technicians would set up dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the moisture from the air. Pictured is an air sampling device used to measure the mold in the air.

Residential Water Damage in Largo

The water absorption into this hardwood flooring in a Largo home caused the "cupping" effect visible in this photo. Our SERVPRO of Largo team arrived right after the homeowner's urgent call for help. We vacuumed up the standing water and then set up numerous air movers to accelerate the evaporation process. The LGR low grain refrigerant dehu then pulled the water vapor from the air. Fast response, professional service and we managed to save this expensive hardwood flooring. "Like it never even happened."

Belleair Bluffs Water Damaged Condo

The leak from the water dispenser soaked the baseboard and wall which started to grow mold in this Belleair Bluffs condominium. SERVPRO crew members can dry the area to limit the water damage. Drying the floor planks was also a success.

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors In Largo

A homeowner in Largo called us about a water damage incident at their residential property. Water damaged their expensive hardwood flooring. Drying hardwood flooring is a complicated process. Our crew of skilled technicians quickly began to remove any water to prevent possible mold growth or secondary water damage. Using high-speed air movers and dehumidifiers, we were able to thoroughly dry their flooring. We repaired and restored the hardwood to new.

Largo Closet and Water Damage

The nearby water leak in this Largo home flooded the carpet and the lower section of the drywall. SERVPRO mitigated damages by quickly removing the water and damaged walls. This wet-vac, our customer's equipment, was put back where we found it after removing our drying gear.

Championship Water Damage Cleanup in Clearwater Beach

Our franchise owner and head coach, Buddy Greenway, proudly displays the autographed Tampa Bay Bucs Football signed by Jon Gruden. Coach Gruden is thanking Team SERVPRO for restoring his water damaged condo in Clearwater Beach. We win Super Bowl XXXVII daily because "Every Day is Game Day!" Call on Team SERVPRO of Largo for water damage cleanup.

Water Damaged Belleair Bluffs Home

A ruptured water line in a water heater soaked the carpeting in the hallway and living room of a home in Belleair Bluffs. The discarded flooring allowed for setting up air movers and dehumidifiers to continue with the drying process. Rapid water removal salvaged the baseboards and walls, limiting expenses and making the homeowner very satisfied with a SERVPRO service.

SERVPRO OF Largo Saves Another Floor!

Crew Chief Tim Crain "tented" this gymnasium floor in St Petersburg, and pumped in warm dehumidified air to dry and return to it's pre-loss condition. Would you like to guess what the cost would have been to replace this entire hardwood floor? Email your best estimate to: buddyg@SERVPROlargo.com. The closet entry wins a $25.00 Visa gift card! (727)586-0060