Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Belleair Bluffs Mold Containment

The moisture in the attic allowed mold spores to spread and ruin the cardboard backing on the ceiling drywall material. Belleair Bluffs, located on the Gulf Coast, needs adequate ventilation and a/c control to prevent condensation buildups leading to mold remediation. SERVPRO techs can create barriers to isolate and treat the affected areas of the structure.

Belleair Beach Hidden Mold

The massive mold colonies behind the vinyl wallpaper were discovered by the Belleair Beach condo dweller because of the foul, musty odor. SERVPRO cautions these homeowners to set the HVAC to turn on each day to reduce the level of accumulated humidity. Ask us for advice or help with the mold remediation.

Moisture and Mold in Belleair Bluffs

It takes a little bit of moisture to encourage dormant mold spores to develop into patches as shown on a Belleair Bluffs. Removing the fungi and remediating the effects are a forte of SERVPRO of Largo AMRT technicians.

Mold Restoration In Belleair Bluffs

Finding out that you have mold growing on your property can mean damage to your home and potential health issues. At SERVPRO we understand the dangers and myths that surround mold. With our advanced training and specialized equipment, we can tackle any size mold infestation that you may have. Trust our mold remediation specialists to restore your property to pre-damage condition. Contact our team if you locate mold on your property.

Severe Mold Infestation in Belleaire Bluffs

This condo in Belleair Bluffs was dramatically damaged by a mold infestation. The HVAC broke down, and the moisture buildup resulted in this bad situation. Demolition of ceilings and walls was needed as the first step in the mold remediation process. Always have someone look in on your winter residence in the off-season.

Mold Damage – Largo

Mold damage in Largo often requires the use of containment area as shown in this picture. The reason for the containment area is to contain any mold spores that become airborne during the cleaning process. Hepa filtration systems and air scrubbers are also employed to inhibit the spread of mold spores during remediation.