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Mold Remediation Testimonials

I had great experience with SERVPRO mold remediation job preformed at my house after water leak. Special thanks to Tom and Brian. This knowledgeable guys are 5 star team.

Thank you Tim for all your expertise and patience through this process of mold remediation. Our family really appreciates it!

I almost lost everything to mold after the storm and water leaks I had from it. Everything was covered with green specks. The SERVPRO team removed all moldy furniture and walls and cleaned the rest. My condo passed state mold inspection the first time after they finished. SERVPRO also renovated my whole condo , replacing all, from the flooring to cabinets. I was so happy I even hired them to renovate my shower since insurance wouldn’t cover that. Thank you Tom and all of the SERVPRO team. Special thanks to Peter. You were true blessing assisting me with this disaster.

Tom and his team give us a huge peace of mind moving to our new home by cleaning and remediating mold from our furniture and belongings after unpleasant move from Hawaii. Thanks SERVPRO team.

Wonderful service and quick response

I had the pleasure of working with SERVPRO of Largo re the damage from Hurricane Irma.  The workers were wonderful and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend SERVPRO.

Good job.

I cannot stand mold at all! When I found it growing in my home, I called in SERVPRO right away, and thank goodness they worked quickly to clean it up.

The mold in our bathroom just kept coming back until I called in your team for help. I will not ever regret choosing you.

It was quite amazing to watch a team of professional mold remediation specialists at work. You made an old woman very happy, thanks, SERVPRO.

The crew at SERVPRO of Largo were awesome! Tim and Allen were amazing. They were very professional and kind. I will recommend SERVPRO!

I just want to thank you for your leadership and expertise in getting this unpleasant situation handled professionally and promptly. I want to commend the SERVPRO team for their efforts. All of your staff was conscientious, professional, and sensitive to the situation and they did a great job. I would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone who would have a similar situation and really appreciate your efforts on our behalf.