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Essential Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Largo, FL

5/2/2024 (Permalink)

servpro hurricane prep poster palm trees SERVPRO is Faster to any size disaster™. Team Greenway is standing by to assist with post-hurricane or severe storm damage in Largo.

Staying Safe This Storm Season with Our Handy Guide

Hurricanes and tropical storms are significant threats in Largo, Florida, especially during the hurricane season that starts on June 1st. Being prepared can drastically reduce the damage to your home and ensure your family's safety. SERVPRO® aims to keep residents safe with our essential guide to help you before, during, and after a storm.

Before the Storm Hits Largo

Secure Your Environment:

  • Check and secure outdoor furniture and structures that high winds can throw around.
  • Install storm shutters to protect windows from debris.
  • Designate a reliable person to check on your property if you're away.

Stock Up on Supplies:

  • Gather essential hurricane supplies such as water, non-perishable food items, flashlights/batteries, and a stocked first aid kit.
  • Ensure you have ways to receive storm updates, like a battery-powered radio.

Stay Informed:

  • Keep an eye on local weather reports and updates through community watch boards and relevant apps. Follow the EPA.
  • Understand the different storm elements like rain bands and storm surges, and know the categories of wind speeds.

During the Storm

Stay Inside and Safe:

  • Remain indoors and away from windows.
  • If evacuation is advised, follow the routes and guidelines provided by local authorities.

After the Storm

Assess and Report:

  • Check for any structural damage. Photograph damages for insurance claims.
  • Report downed power lines or gas leaks to the utilities immediately.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Largo for rapid response and restoration services.

Recovery Services:

  • Our IICRC-certified SERVPRO Team Greenway is ready to help 24/7.
  • Call us at (727) 586-0060 to sign up for our Storm Emergency List.
  • From water damage mitigation to rebuilding, we ensure your property returns to preloss conditions.

Important Contacts and Services:

  • Always dial 911 in emergencies.
  • For non-emergency help, including pet transport and utility issues, keep a list of local Pinellas County contacts.

To strengthen your hurricane readiness, consider creating a detailed evacuation plan that includes safe routes and potential shelters. Also, maintaining an updated communication plan with family and friends during the storm can be lifesaving. Ensure that all family members know how to respond in case cellular networks go down.

In addition to preparing your physical property, consider backing up important documents and digital information. Store these in a secure, waterproof location or cloud storage to ensure access after the storm. Familiarize yourself with your insurance coverages and understand the claims process, as this will expedite your recovery efforts post-storm.

Remember, the key to effective hurricane preparedness is to plan accordingly and stay informed. By securing your home, stocking up on necessary supplies, and knowing what to do before, during, and after a storm, you can protect both your loved ones and your property. Let SERVPRO of Largo help you with any storm-related damages. We're Here to Help® 24/7 to support you in restoring peace and safety to your home.

Steps for Successful Water Damage Restoration in Largo Homes

9/1/2023 (Permalink)

servpro vehicles parked at the warehouse SERVPRO's Green Fleet is always stocked and ready to mitigate storm damage in Largo. We are Faster to any size disaster.™

Types of Damages Left in a Largo Property by Water Damage

Your Largo house might be facing disaster if a storm is imminent. There are numerous ways storms destroy homes, from subjecting them to extreme winds and lightning to water running down roof beams onto the walls. Wind can hurl heavy debris around, causing significant roof damage. The wind can also be strong enough to lift and rip roof shingles, causing your roof to leak. These leaks can result in significant water damage inside your home, leaving you with substantial damages to repair.

One of the main ways to limit moisture damage is executing rapid water damage restoration in Largo homes. This involves removing water from the house, thus preventing secondary issues such as mold from developing and spreading. Microbial growth often begins within 48 hours of water exposure. Mold can be inhibited by rapidly extracting the water from the affected areas. We remove standing water with extraction equipment like wet/dry vacuum, deep extraction tools, and submersible pumps, increasing the chance of saving your belongings and structural components. SERVPRO® responds quickly to assess the damage, make a restoration plan, and assist with the cleanup and repair processes.

Common property damages from a storm

? Structural and foundation damage

? Damage to utilities

? Equipment and furniture damage

? Insect infestations

Different equipment in your home is vulnerable to flood exposure, including the power surges that storms often bring. Hot-water boilers, air-conditioning systems, computer equipment, and telephone systems in your home can also be damaged by storms. Moisture build-up creates an attractive environment for insects and other pests, worsening the likely damage to structural elements.

Essential steps that help save belongings

? Thoroughly inspecting house contents

? Creating a staging area to hold equipment

? Pack outs to save vulnerable contents   

Taking definitive steps to save content can limit a flooding incident's impact on your property.

Our SERVPRO crews take different actions, including inspecting and moving your valuables.

SERVPRO of Largo is a reliable water damage restoration service. Call us at (727) 586-0060 for assistance. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Assessment and Planning for Largo Water Cleanup

5/1/2023 (Permalink)

Blue tarp on damaged roof Did you know that part of our storm damage mitigation includes tarping roofs?

SERVPRO Preparation for Storm Water Removal

When storms result in overland flooding, the mixed-in mud and debris complicate fluid extraction and drying of properties. Effectively responding to flood water damage requires securing the structure, establishing containment, and clearing out solids and debris safely before extraction and drying can begin. Sewage backups during severe storms are common and can expose occupants to pathogens that can cause illness or even death.

Damage Inspection 

When SERVPRO crews arrive in response to storm flooding in Largo, water cleanup pauses until a hazard assessment precedes the development of a mitigation and remediation agenda for our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team. Steps ensuring accurate recording of damage data and stabilization of work areas include: 

We visually inspect affected areas, checking for:

  • Weakened structures that might not sustain the weight of workers or equipment
  • Water depth and presence of debris, mud, and silt, and sewage or other hazardous items that mandate space containment protocols (wrapping with heavy-duty polyethylene and use of air scrubbers) and wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) for technicians  
  • Signs of trapped water (blistering and peeling paint, bulging and sagging structures, warped floors)

We also utilize moisture detection and metering with sensitive instruments to confirm hidden moisture and provide baseline data for drying goals.

Emergency Services Planning and Implementation 

SERVPRO service vehicles are packed with tools and equipment to set the stage for Largo water cleanup. Depending on the circumstances, the plan could involve the following:

  • Tarping and boarding up exterior damage and following containment procedures
  • Barricading or shoring up weakened structures
  • Mucking out mud and debris with shovels, scrapers, and brooms
  • Releasing trapped water threatening structural collapse through weep holes, drilling near the base of walls or in mortar joints, and flood cuts

Once SERVPRO completes these preliminary steps, submersible pumps and technician-operated extractors (truck-mounted and portable) continue the essential task of liquid removal. After extraction eliminates the bulk of fluids, applied structural drying concludes the water cleanup.

SERVPRO of Largo is ready 24/7 to provide water cleanup, scaling up resources when the forecast is for severe storm activity. Call (727) 586-0060 for prompt damage assessment and intervention.

Water Damage Repair for Largo Homes After Flooding 

12/2/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane Ian sign with clouds Repair work and salvaging your home after storm damage is a SERVPRO priority. We serve Largo after water leaks and hurricanes.

Identifying Common Water Damage Repair Needs

Storm systems are not uncommon in Florida, with a few in recent years showing the destructive side of nature throughout the state. Hurricane Ian recently left his mark on our West Coast. The need for damage repairs can be evident after these storms pass through and you get your first look at the impact.

Controlled Demolition

There is no mistaking the need for controlled demolition when water damage repair for Largo homes gets considered after storms. From the impact on the roofing system to floodwater infiltrating the main level of the house, severe storm systems commonly faced by this coastal community leave behind a pressing need for repairs and reconstruction.

Removing Wall System Components

The infiltration of floodwaters creates an immediate issue for wall systems. Nearly all components of these structural assemblies are porous and absorb water infiltrating from the outside or interior rooms. Flooding can be particularly threatening to these elements as any porous material must be removed if the threat of contaminants exists. Hydrostatic pressures can introduce these threatening blackwater intrusions to materials like:

  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Utilities
  • Wood framing
  • Plywood

Replacing Flooded Floors

Many flooring materials used in your home cannot withstand long contact times with pooling water. Flood infiltration can immediately compromise many flooring elements like carpeting, and the possibility of contaminants increases the need to remove these installed floors and replace them with new options. This removal is the only way to overcome introduced contaminants sufficiently.

Is Mold Present?

The presence of mold can also require damage repairs. When these organisms infiltrate porous materials used for building your home, they can degrade structural integrity and force controlled demolition. The presence of mold alone can indicate that structural deterioration is already well underway, though the contaminants and potential bacterial threats brought in with floodwater increase the development and spread of microbial colonization.

Flooding can cause an immediate need for water damage repairs in Largo homes. When these storm damage conditions exist, our professionals act quickly to help. Give SERVPRO of Largo a call today at (727) 586-0060. 

Floodwater Extraction in Clearwater

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

flood sign barricade on water filled roadway Clearwater homes and condos can suffer dirty floodwater penetration--Call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is Here to Help with Your Flood Damage Restoration Needs

Fighting the possibility of flooding in your Clearwater home might not always be something that a homeowner gets fully prepared to do. In many cases, flooding situations can occur with little warning or notice, leaving you uncertain about the construction of your home and its general ability to prevent this natural disaster from entering the lower levels of your home. The unfortunate aspect is that many homeowners do not even realize that their home has vulnerable penetration points for water to pass through until they are amid a flooding crisis.

For the most part, flood damages to your Clearwater residence can happen very suddenly and present an immediate threat to the contents of your home and its structural integrity and strength. While you might be unable to stop the floodwaters as they push through the weakened portions of your foundation, you are not without any options. Contact our team of SERVPRO professionals who can show up and help you keep the situation as contained as possible, even amid the flooding.

In situations where the flood waters are still pouring in from compromised blockwork, applying hydraulic cement to these smaller areas can stop the immediate flow of water and seal to prevent further damages while restoration efforts get underway. Through extraction and drying, our team works to remove all of the moisture and dampness in the area to avoid compounding damage such as mold growth. We typically apply an antimicrobial agent to disinfect the storm damaged areas. We work with your insurance company if you have one.

An assessment can then be done on the structural integrity of all the affected surfaces and construction materials in this area of your house. While many might only require cleaning to get restored, some structural components in significant damage might require removal and replacement with new materials. We provide controlled demolition to minimize the build-back.

A flood in your home is never something you want to see or contend with on your own. Our professionals at SERVPRO of Largo are available 24/7 to help. Give us a call anytime at (727) 586-0060.

The Definitive Guide to Belleair Bluffs Storm Damage Remediation

6/5/2022 (Permalink)

a man on the phone sitting on his couch above his flooded floor. Flooding situations can quickly escalate. Call in help from SERVPRO immediately to help save the contents and structure of your home. Call us 24/7.

Equipment to Dry Out Flooded Homes in Belleair Bluffs

While our initial mitigation process focuses mostly on extraction and content management for Belleair Bluffs homes after a flooding situation, other actions must begin shortly after that. The faster that drying steps can start, the more likely it becomes that our SERVPRO team can restore and protect exposed construction materials and contents in the house.

While contamination is a threat of natural flooding scenarios, there are many situations where structural breaches during a storm can allow for flood damage in Belleair Bluffs homes. While extraction must occur first with tools like our electric submersible pumps and extractor trucks to remove the standing water throughout damaged areas of the residence, drying out the materials afterward requires equally powerful equipment.

Air movers have become the centerpiece of our drying efforts for decades, and the science behind them changes very little from one year to the next. Their premise is simple in that they send high-velocity bursts of air into a moist environment and against saturated materials to begin an evaporative drying process. Centrifugal air movers can help with a direct saturated point in a material, but axials are useful for widespread flooding in the larger homes of the area.

Axial air movers are one of the staples of widespread drying efforts by our SERVPRO team, as these units can deliver lower pressure at high volumes, which can allow their output to affect more significant open areas. Axials have a higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) output than centrifugal options and consume less power in generating that higher CFM, which can also make them an ideal choice when running a generator is the only available power source in recovery.

Flooding is a situation that many area homes might have to face, but with the right professional assistance, it does not have to be as costly or devastating as it might initially seem. Our SERVPRO of Largo team has a fast response to storm damages, including large loss situations. We have the skills and cutting-edge equipment to make flood damage “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (727) 586-0060.

Using Applied Structural Drying to Fix Storm Damage in Largo Attics

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Inside view of attic Don't let the water damage in your attic become moldy. Call SERVPRO for quick remediation.

The Four Phases of Applied Structural Drying

Some of the most common forms of storm damage occur in and around the roof. Strong winds, torrential rain, and falling debris (from trees and other sources) are all significant risks, and they can knock tiles and slates clean off. When this happens, space opens up for water to enter the building and compromise roofing materials. 

At SERVPRO, we handle this kind of storm damage in Largo homes all the time. It can be a little trickier to repair than water damage in other parts of the house, as most attics are awkward in shape. Some are difficult to move in and out of, with the only access point typically being a set of stair ladders.

Nevertheless, SERVPRO uses Applied Structural Drying to significant effect when remediating storm damaged attics. 

Stage One: Evaporation by Airflow 

Technically, the first stage of ASD is extraction, but it is unusual for enough water to accumulate in an attic to require motorized pumping. Typically, the SERVPRO technicians move straight in with air movers and ventilation box fans. They are placed around the space and direct clean, dry air into the attic. 

Stage Two: Removing Wet Materials 

If substantial amounts of water have entered the attic through a hole in the roof, there is a possibility that the insulation is wet. Our technicians remove affected sections and decide whether to dry or replace them. Fiberglass insulation responds well to drying. Typically, it is suitable for removal and treatment in a humidity-controlled room. 

Stage Three: Evaporation by Dehumidification 

The next stage of ASD is dehumidification. Even small attics can be dried out in this way because we have access to all kinds of different drying tools. A more significant number of compact dehumidifiers in tight spaces are the best option. They pull in moisture-heavy air and direct it over special chemicals. They capture the water and send the air back out clean and dry. 

Stage Four: Temperature Control 

The Applied Structural Drying stage is a consistent process throughout. The remediation team has to maintain optimal conditions to ensure the success of the drying process. Dry the area too fast, and there’s a risk of secondary water damage, so we control dehumidification by manipulating relative humidity. 

At SERVPRO of Largo, we help homeowners in the local area carry out fast, effective storm repairs. If heavy wind or rain has damaged your roof, get in touch with the team and arrange a consultation. Call us 24/7 at (727) 586-0060.

Sea Surge Can Complicate Largo Flood Damage Recovery

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

looking into the back of an open SERVPRO van, restoration equipment shown When you see our Green Fleet around town, you can rest assured that SERVPRO is on the job!

SERVPRO’s Saltwater Flooding Experience Improves Largo Storm Damage Outcomes

With Tampa Bay curving in on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west, Largo flood damage often features complications from storm surges. Although rainwater and overland flooding already contain contaminants ranging from mud and sand through chemicals and sewage, the addition of saltwater creates significant and potentially long-term damage. The flood water removal technicians responding to your storm damage crisis must train saltwater extraction. 

What Causes Storm Surge in Largo?

The ocean water rises in a circular mound as the fierce winds swirl in a tropical storm or hurricane. As this elevated water approaches Largo, it floods, sometimes twenty or more feet higher than a normal tide. SERVPRO notes that places like Largo near bays experience accelerated water funneling into the narrower space. 

How Does the Saltwater Flood Damage Impact Largo Properties?

Even “pure” floodwater corrodes, causing substantial water damage to building materials in Largo homes. The addition of saltwater requires interventions by SERVPRO crews for safety and efficacy. Flood damage intensifies because of the high salinity of storm surges, manifested by:

  • Weakening, cracking, pitting, and eventual breakdown of otherwise robust building materials such as concrete, stone, plaster, and brick as the salt intrudes into the composites
  • Oxydation (rusting) of metal structural supports and fasteners
  • Destruction of cellulose-based building materials (natural and engineered wood) as the saltwater destroys or “delignifies” cell structure 
  • Heightened electrical conductivity leading to shocks, electrocution, electronic shorts, and fire risks

What SERVPRO Flood Damage Strategies Address Largo Saltwater Related Hazards? 

SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) master protocols during coursework at the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We use techniques learned to assist during flooding restoration tasks, with additional steps vital to eliminate excess salt residue and associated safety and structural risks:

  • Limiting wired power provision, temporarily using SERVPRO generators 
  • Instituting freshwater flushing as part of extraction and contaminated water containment and disposal
  • Seeking out salty residues and adapting cleaning techniques when high levels of salinity are present

Depend on SERVPRO of Largo for extensive flooding and saltwater clean up and structural drying. Call (727) 586-0060 for an assessment and emergency water damage services.

We Are Available 24/7 For All Your Belleair Beach Flood Damage Restoration

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Rain on home Storm flooding can quickly cause water damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

A Quick Response to Flood Damage in Your Belleair Beach Home Can Prevent Further Damages

Flooding problems in Belleair Beach have been at the forefront for some time. For instance, the city’s stormwater system is aging, and its infrastructure is undersized or unmaintained. Barnacles may clog some outfalls, and at times, bay water backs up into upstream sewers, and this leads to flooding.

The conditions mentioned above overwhelm the drainage system when there is a torrential downpour in the city. When flood damage happens in Belleair homes, the results can be devastating. You need to handle the issue correctly to prevent costly destruction. You can call SERVPRO to perform flood damage cleanup. A speedy response helps prevent substantial secondary destruction.

How Can SERVPRO Help?

We can perform a thorough inspection on your home to note all affected building materials and contents so that we can restore them to their pre-damaged state whenever possible. If some contents are restorable, our team can organize for restoration. If not, we can dispose of the ruined materials properly.

To remediate flood-damaged or microbially contaminated houses effectively, it is necessary to use the right techniques to promote rapid drying and eradicate contaminated materials. Our restoration specialists can remove the debris and extract the floodwater using powerful portable pumps to prevent further damage. We can apply EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectants after extracting the floodwater to control microbial growth and to make the job site safer for our crew.

Moisture can cause mold infestation, especially in hard-to-reach areas of your home. Our crew can set up air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your property thoroughly. Remember that the duration in which air moving and dehumidification equipment is used to dispel the remnant of water vapor in your house depends on how much moisture there is. After running the drying equipment for some time, our SERVPRO crew can use hygrometers to ascertain that the affected structures and contents are dry.

When it comes to restoring your flooded home to normal, there is no big challenge our crew cannot handle. We have the workforce, tools, and skills to resolve the situation quickly so that you can go back to your daily routine.

If you experience flood damage in your home, SERVPRO of Largo can help with flood water removal and cleanup. Contact us at (727) 586-0060 any day anytime for fast, efficient restoration services.

What Companies in Clearwater Can Provide Flood Damage Restoration?

12/21/2021 (Permalink)

A roof with damaged shingles SERVPRO of Largo is here to assist with your leaky roof. Just give us a shout today.

SERVPRO Can Assist Homeowners in Clearwater with Things Like Repairing a Leaky Roof from a Storm

Even though hurricane season has pretty much ended, it is still possible that a vicious storm could strike over the winter. Many know that when the rest of the country gets hit with blizzards and snowstorms, the state of Florida usually gets drilled by the same storm systems with excessive amounts of rain. When the rain pour gets heavy, trees around your house could get weighed down with water, and branches could come crashing into your roof. Once you have damage to your roof, moisture can find its way into the interior of your home.

Flood damage in Clearwater can occur anytime H2O from the outdoors enters your house and comes into contact with your contents and building materials. Even if the amount of moisture that leaked in is small, it could still cause you problems. For one, rainwater could be contaminated, so if it contacts porous materials like carpets, they must be removed due to potential contamination. Secondly, mold can develop if organic items inside your house, such as your roof trusses or ceiling drywall, stay wet for more than 48 hours. Once a fungus starts to grow, it can spread easily and cause your structure more damage.

Whenever our SERVPRO technicians respond to a situation where there is flood damage, one of our main goals is to prevent fungal growth. We can do this by using antimicrobial products and drying out any wet building materials or contents in less than 48 hours. We will return your home to the preloss state by doing the following:

  • Repair Leaking Roofs after a Storm
  • Provide Water Removal
  • Flood Clean Up
  • Repairing Leaky Ceilings
  • Flood Damage Repairs

If you ever suffer from a leaking roof after a winter rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

How Does Water in My Crawlspace Get Removed?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

sunlight shining through a window into a crawlspace or basement Flooding in your crawlspace area can quickly cause structural damage and create a potential for mold. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Flooding Underneath Your House Can Cause Problems for Your Largo Property

Our SERVPRO professionals can help with fast and reliable water extraction. Your crawlspace for your Largo house is a structural design to reduce the exposure of your main floor to situations like flooding. Unfortunately, this area can also get flooded. While this might not be as pressing and severe as several inches of standing water in the main level of your residence, it is a situation that you want to take care of as soon as possible.

Flood extraction for Largo homes and their crawl spaces requires a series of powerful tools and proven approaches. Because of this being a confined space, the methods of extraction and drying change and can be much more complicated. Between removing standing water and preventing recurrences in the future, you can count on our SERVPRO professionals to help however you need.

Should I Do Anything About Flood Water in My Crawl Space?

You would not be alone to think that standing flood water in your crawlspace is not a considerable problem. You might even be among the homeowners that initially choose to do nothing about this circumstance, assuming that it can get better on its own. In truth, there are many reasons that crawl space flooding should be resolved as soon as you can. These include:

  • Deteriorating Structural Elements – Supports and subflooring exposed in this open area beneath your house can become damaged by direct exposure to flooding or the elevated moisture beneath the house. 
  • Microbial Growth – Increased moisture and dampness throughout this area can facilitate mold growth. This spreading organism can quickly penetrate flooring and wall systems to damage the living area above the crawlspace.
  • Bacterial or Viral Pathogens – With natural flooding, there is a high probability that the standing water in your crawl space has some form of bacteria or contaminant. From sewage to decaying carcasses, many dangerous substances and solids can get brought near your home with a flood.

What Contaminants Are Professionals Worried About with Flooding?

Natural flooding often gets treated the same as a biohazard like sewage backup in your house. Because we cannot disprove the presence of harmful or hazardous bacteria and other contaminants, it is a better practice to work as though it is present. For the technicians that must enter the crawlspace to set up extraction equipment and drying tools, we ensure that each of these professionals wears the appropriate personal protective equipment. This gear includes Tyvek full-body suits, respirators, gloves, and closed shoes. This head-to-toe protection of our technicians can keep them safe from contaminants such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Debris
  • Mud
  • Decaying Materials 
  • Oil
  • Chemical Substances 

How Do Water and Moisture Get Removed from a Confined Space?

Confined spaces can be potentially problematic for extraction and drying, especially regarding setting up the equipment in the appropriate areas. The right choices can ensure that water gets removed promptly, and the necessary drying follows after that. With some of the pumps and extractors having a limited discharge and intake hose available, only specific extractors and drying tools can be efficient and effective in flood events damaging a crawlspace. These include:

  • Submersible Pumps – Sump pumps can vary in their power supply, sizes, and strength. While one of the most common extractors used by our SERVPRO team is the electric submersible pump, these are often ineffective in standing water that has solids and debris floating in it. In these cases, gas-powered trash pumps can move this water out of the damaged areas.
  • Wet Vacuums – For standing water that is only a few inches deep, wet vacuums can often complete the removal process. These are versatile machines that are highly portable, making extraction of the entire crawlspace fast and efficient. 
  • Air Movers – Centrifugal and axial air movers both can play a vital role in the evaporative drying of structural elements and the open-air beneath your house. Before permanent long-term solutions can get installed, thorough drying must take place. 

Are There Long-Term Solutions to Prevent Flood Damage?

Preventing further flooding moving forward might not be as complicated as it seems. With crawl space encapsulation, we can take thick plastic sheeting and coat every exposed surface in the crawlspace to prevent water exposure. The installation of drainage and a permanent sump pump can also help to divert water from pooling in this area.

When your crawlspace gets flooded, it might be more critical than you realize to dry up the damage. Our SERVPRO of Largo team can work quickly to protect your home, its contents, and its occupants. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (727) 586-0060.

What Kind of Flood Damage Can Largo Remediators Effectively Handle?

9/12/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with items floating everywhere Flooding is certainly a situation that needs your quick attention. Contact our certified SERVPRO technicians for effective flood damage remediation.

Local Flood Damage Services Routinely Deal With Numerous Storm-Related Issues.

Coastal Florida cities like Largo are notorious for the tropical storm-related damage they suffer annually. The destruction caused varies in severity from year to year and comes in many forms. With that said, it is comforting to know that whatever its severity or form, there are local services that can remediate these problems.

The potential for flood damage after a storm greatly concerns Largo homeowners and prompts many of them to seek help from companies like SERVPRO. Often tropical storms fill locals with fear because these powerful weather patterns can potentially impact their lifestyles and finances for many years to come. In response to these concerns, SERVPRO provides emergency water damage services, including sewage cleanup and other biohazard remediation work, as well as water removal services and water damage repairs. Some of the specific work we do is: 

  • Thorough water damage inspections using infrared cameras, moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermohygrometers
  • Extensive, large volume water extractions using state-of-the-art portable and truck-mounted extractors
  • Complete interior drying using networks of cutting-edge air movers, dehumidifiers, and innovative Injectidry systems 
  • Expert treatment of structural elements and other interior surfaces with industrial-grade antimicrobials to prevent health effects and eradicate building material-eating microbes
  • Full house deodorization with sophisticated foggers and EPA-approved deodorants

All of these efforts generally return our neighbors’ homes to their pre-flood condition in less time than other area remediators can. 

Considering all this, it’s easy to understand why so many trust SERVPRO of Largo to clean up and restore their flood damage. So, regardless of the extent of your flood-related issues, rest assured in knowing that we can likely help. Call us anytime at (727) 586-0060 for assistance.

How Crucial Is Flood Water Removal From Largo Homes?

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO "here to help" SERVPRO teams are ready to assist with storm flood damage remediation 24/7, just call us at (727) 586-0060.

SERVPRO Expedites Water Cleanup for Largo Homes to Minimize Damages

The need to remove the floodwaters that flow into your Largo home is obvious since it causes numerous inconveniences, including slick or soiled surfaces. Apart from the inconveniences, there is a danger in letting water stagnate in the property for long. 

Professionals like SERVPRO seek to achieve different goals when conducting flood water removal from Largo homes. Faster removal can help salvage expensive fixtures such as engineered wood flooring. It also helps reduce the level of secondary microbial growth, which, if left unchecked, can contaminate the property unnecessarily. 

When Done Properly, Flood Water Removal Can Help Reduce:

  • Flood restoration
  • Water damage repairs
  • Ceiling repairs from water damages

SERVPRO technicians employ various techniques to effect the removal depending on where the intruding water concentrates. 

Some of the Practical Water Clean-up Approaches Include:

  • Drilling weep holes in the ceiling
  • Making flood cuts on walls
  • Using vacuum extractors

In most cases, floodwaters contain various dissolved residues which impede removal. Our SERVPRO technicians can overcome such challenges by using superior equipment. For instance, with self-priming trash pumps, it is possible to remove various forms of floodwater, including slurry. The pumps range from semi-trash pumps that can handle solids in water less than a certain amount of inches to full trash pumps that handle solids over 3". 

Water removal also involves drying the wet materials. For instance, drying the wet planks of a wooden floor helps reverse swelling, thus preventing severe damage. Our SERVPRO technicians set up dehumidifiers and air movers to expedite drying.

SERVPRO of Largo handles all aspects of floodwater removal comfortably. Call us at (727) 586-0060. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Rapid Storm Recovery is Imperative for Largo Locals

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

palm trees blowing in a storm with rain droplets SERVPRO is here to help with a Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

The Storm is Here but SERVPRO is Fast to Act with Flooding Clean Up in Largo

Hurricanes are unpredictable and powerful, but you can prepare your home & vehicle to lessen the impact hopefully. Largo residents who have their emergency contacts and disaster supply checklist ready will be ahead of the game, especially if SERVPRO is on that contact list!

Prior to a weather event like a hurricane in Largo, it is best to put together an emergency kit. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recommended including some of the following items:

  • First aid kit
  • Non-perishables and water, enough to last three days
  • A flashlight and additional batteries
  • Your cell phone, extra charger, or power bank
  • A whistle to call for help, and more

Should you decide to stay in your Largo home during the hurricane, you must always practice portable generator safety. Important notes to remember:

  • You should always keep a portable generator outside
  • Any fuel or combustibles should be kept a safe distance from the unit
  • Never add more fuel to your generator while it is turned on
  • Speak with a licensed electrician in the Largo area about wiring modifications

Click here to view our complete '2021 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

SERVPRO of Largo is available 24/7 when you require flood water extraction and storm cleanup. Call us at (727) 586-0060, and our team can help ensure your property gets restored, “Like it never even happened.”

How Does SERVPRO Remediate Flood Damage in Clearwater?

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Flooded home Storms can bring floodwater and storm damage. The professionals at SERVPRO are always on call to handle your water damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Uses Numerous Tools and Methods to Handle Flood Damage in Clearwater. 

West Florida is prone to powerful storms, heavy rains, and the flooding that often results from these weather patterns. Fortunately, when locals experience these issues, there are well-equipped remediation professionals that can help them.

Often, Clearwater residents suffer flood damage during Florida’s rainy season, which occurs between May and October. It is during these months when SERVPRO, a local biohazard cleaning company, performs most of its flood damage remediation work. Some of the services our technicians provide to impacted residents are:

  • Water removal services using powerful extractors that can rapidly remove gallons of standing floodwater
  • Hazardous waste and sewage cleanup using safe and environmentally-friendly methods
  • House drying using cutting edge air movers, dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems
  • Home disinfection with advanced foggers and EPA-approved antimicrobials
  • Deodorization with professional-grade deodorants
  • Repairs of storm-related damage, including roof and ceiling leaks 

With all that said, whenever you need flood damage cleanup or restoration services, do not hesitate to call your neighborhood SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

What Services Remove Floodwaters from Home?

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storm damaged roof; tarp on two areas of roof Did you know that SERVPRO provides boarding and tarping services for storm damaged home?

SERVPRO of Largo Can Drain and Dry your Property after Flood Damage

Flooding situations can happen as a result of heavy rainfall, internal plumbing issues, or structural deficiencies. However, the most severe flooding situations usually occur due to storms when high winds and consistent rain can lead to overflowing roads, sewers, or rivers. 

We operate flood damage recovery for Largo residents twenty-four-hours a day, all year round. Our technicians live locally and can guarantee arriving on-site within just four hours of receiving notification of loss. From there, our crew chiefs can scope the property for potential hazards, drain or pump out standing water and begin work to return your home to its preloss condition. 

  • SERVPRO can mobilize industrial equipment quickly to improve flood mitigation and damage reduction.
  • Our technicians are local and have experience restoring similar architectures to your home.
  • We can offer additional repair work, such as installing vapor barriers in the property or expert carpet cleaning and fiber care.

Return your home to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Largo for flood damage assistance at (727) 586-0060.

Rely on Professional Restorers for Effective Tidal Groundwater Removal in Largo, FL

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SERVPRO's green fleet outside the Largo Elks Club. Has groundwater destroyed your club or business? Call SERVPRO for the water restoration services to get you back into action.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Property Owners in Largo, FL with Reliable Groundwater Removal Services

Largo is the fourth-largest city in the Tampa Bay area and the third largest in Pinellas County, Florida. According to the census held in 2010, the city had a population of 77,648. This is a significant increase compared to the census carried out in 2000, which recorded a population of 69,371.

Incorporated in 1905, the city was the first municipality to adopt the council-manager government in Pinellas County. In 1974, it finally became a city after switching back and forth from a town to a city. Until the 1960s, Largo mainly depended on exporting agricultural products. However, due to high population growth, the city could not afford to export anymore.  

The city's population growth expanded city services. Departments across the city witnessed rapid development and improvement in quality due to an increase in population. 

In 1995, city officials opened the Largo Central Park on the old Pinellas County Fairgrounds. After the completion of Largo Central Park, the iconic Largo Clock Tower was constructed. However, on 24th August 2009, the Largo Clock Tower was demolished. The city's officials decided to demolish the tower due to decay and deterioration. Also, the tower's location at the busy intersection turned to an undesirable sight due to its condition. The city officials replaced the area with a small garden area.                                  

The beginnings of Largo City

The Tocobaga Indians, who practiced the Safety Harbor culture, were the native settlers of the Largo area. In the 16th century, the Spanish came to Florida. After years of exposure to diseases believed to have originated from Europe, the Tocobaga had been destroyed by the 18th century. The entire Pinellas County, together with the Largo area, was deserted. Spain transferred Florida's sovereignty to the United Kingdom in 1763. In 1783, Florida's sovereignty fell to the Spanish once more. In 1821, the Spanish transferred it to the United States. 

Around 1852, the families of Daniel and James McMullen were the only homesteaders of the Largo area. McMullen family and other settlers focused mainly on:

  • Growing nuts, citrus, and vegetables 
  • Raising cattle
  • Fishing 

Florida was part of the Confederate States of America during the civil war. Members of Cow Cavalry such as Daniel and James McMullen drove Florida cattle to areas such as the Carolinas and Georgia to support the war effort. Some residents supported the blockade runners, while others served in Confederacy's armies. In 1888, the orange Belt Railway got to the Largo area. The residents had renamed Lake Tolulu to Lake Largo. 

The economy of Largo City

Population growth at the beginning of the 1960s caused the decline of agricultural production and significantly transformed the city into a bedroom community. Agriculture left a big gap behind that electronics could not fill. Other manufacturers in various niches filled the gap and created employment opportunities for the city's residents. Most jobs in Largo city focus on retail sales and services. 

The city is also concerned about its aging population. The local government continues to grow the health care industry. Hospitals are among the major employers across the city. Established in 1978, the (HCA) Hospital Corporation of America owns Largo Medical Center, which includes:

  • The original campus close to downtown Largo
  • The former Sun Coast Hospital 
  • Two different campuses

Largo Arts and culture

Opened in 1916, the Largo Public Library at Town Hall's basement has around 560 different books. However, a new library was opened at a different location to house around 14,000 titles, and in 1977, another library was constructed on a 2.0  (5 acres) piece of donated land. After the library's expansion in 1989, it increased its capacity to hold 250,000 items. The current library building in Largo was built in 2005. 

The city's government

A City Commission made up of seven elected members governs Largo city for a four-year term. The city mayor is the presiding officer and a member of the Commission. The role of this Commission is to set the city's policies, exercising the imposed duties by law. The Commission executes Largo's powers by the passage of a resolution and ordinance. The City Commission also commissions the City Manager, directs, and approves Managers appointments for City Clerk, Assistant Manager, and Attorney.

Among the responsibilities of the City Manager is to provide municipal services across Largo by directing the governing administration. The administration involves:

  • The City Manager's Office
  • Communications and Marketing Office
  • Attorney's office
  • Management and Budget office
  • Clerk's Office

The City Commission appoints the City Manager, responsible for all the operations that the directors conduct. A supermajority of commissioners in Largo is unique in that it is needed to terminate the City Manager.

The climate of the Largo area

The city's location close to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico moderates its climate. Temperatures are high during winter on the Pinellas Peninsula and lower in mainland Florida. The driest season all year round is winter. Most rainfall comes during summer. During summer, a sea breeze carries moisture from the Gulf of Mexico inland. At times, tidal groundwater flooding can occur due to storms. Flooding often leads to inconveniences like compromised infrastructure, overwhelmed storm drains, and flood damage in homes. When this happens, you can trust restation professionals to bring your property back to normal.          

How SERVPRO technicians help property owners with groundwater removal after a heavy storm

Immediately after your property floods, it requires emergency groundwater extraction. Flood damage restoration begins with removing water before drying can start. Home repairs after flood damage can be extensive. Our SERVPRO crew can assess the damage in your home and figure out what needs to be done to repair the affected areas fully. Our technicians can carry out groundwater removal in affected Largo properties properly.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced restorers who have successfully restored thousands of homes. We are certified by the (IICRC) Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification to meet our customers' restoration needs. 

For fast and efficient restoration, we use state-of-the-art equipment and tools. We can use self-priming trash pumps to extract water with solids. The equipment helps hasten the drying process, and it only leaves moisture on the affected surface. Our team can use air moving and dehumidification equipment to eliminate the moisture. We continuously monitor the drying process to ensure that we meet the drying goals. 

We also have a wide range of approved products that we can use to clean and decontaminate the affected area. If contamination exists, we can use water damage restoration products to return the loss environment to its preloss state. We can use antimicrobial agents such as mildewstats and fungistats to act against microorganisms and stop their growth or limit their development. 

Groundwater in your property can lead to huge losses if ignored for an extended period. Contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060 for restoration services that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to make the incident seem, "Like it never even happened."

Largo Family Fun – Holiday Lights in Largo Central Park

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truck outside damaged property We look forward to seeing you at the Holiday Lights in Largo Central Park!

Enjoy Seasonal Festivities with Stunning Holiday Lights and Fun for Largo Families

'Tis is the season for lots of holiday fun – take some time to enjoy safe and free family events like Holiday Lights in Largo Central Park. Stop by to experience the Jumbo Amusement Ride and Ferris wheel while taking in all of the sights and lights - but be sure to follow social distancing guidelines to make this a family fun event to remember.

•    Largo Central Park, Largo, FL
•    November 26th, 2020, and recurring five times through December 31st, 2020
•    On-site food and beverage vendors
•    Limited, free on-site parking except for December 5th, 2020

SERVPRO of Largo is there for the community and likes to take the time out to support incredible events that enrich lives while making memories. When you are looking for flood damage companies near me after a storm, we have a crew on-call and ready to get to work. Get in touch with our local office by calling (727) 586-0060, and we will dispatch a crew to your property within hours.

What Do Largo Residents Need to Know Evacuating in a Storm?

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flooded living room with furniture floating Flooding in your home can damage many items but we can help fix some. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

Largo Residents May Need to Evacuate When Storms Hit – Prepare Ahead of Time for the Possibility

This year across the United States, storms have been on the rise. It seems they have hit more often and harder. Coastal and non-coastal cities have been impacted as high winds drive torrential rains inward. This is the perfect setting for flash flooding in Largo and the need to evacuate.

What Should I Take with Me?

SERVPRO is here should you need flood damage removal in Largo. But before that is even considered getting your family to safety is priority. If your residence is in the path of a situation where evacuation is called for knowing ahead of time what to do can be a lifesaver. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding having to-go bags ready is a smart idea. Consider one for each member of the family. Include items such as:

  • Change of clothes
  • Water bottles
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Snacks/granola bars
  • Medications
  • First aid kit
  • Toy for kids

Another concern is essential paperwork getting ruined or forgotten when a flood occurs. Keep important documents in a file that is both water and fireproof. This makes it easier to grab if you have to leave. Consider making copies and storing the originals in a safe deposit box. Documents to take with you include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Deeds
  • Proof of insurance
  • Social security cards
  • Medical records
  • Prescription information
  • Personal contact list

If your home has experienced flooding, SERVPRO’s professional technicians are experts at flood water mitigation. They are certified in dealing with contaminated water and the steps needed to mitigate flood damage.

Contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060 for expert flood damage removal service. We are licensed and bonded – Contractor Licenses: General: CBC1250662 & Mold Remediation: MRSR1163. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Click here for more information about Largo.

Should I Worry About Flooding if I Have a Concrete Block Largo House?

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interior of the house flooded with water We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Yes, Every Type of Largo Home Can Suffer From Flood Damage

As a Florida resident, you understand that you have a high probability of encountering a flood at some point, especially during intense summer storms or even named hurricanes. Homes in Largo typically do not have a basement like homes in northern states. However, being at or below sea level increases the overall flooding risk. Concrete block homes may not have as much visible damage from floods, but there can be underlying issues, especially when they go undetected.

How Can I Tell if There is Damage in My Concrete Block Home?

SERVPRO Uses State-of-the-Art Moisture Sensor Technology to Detect Hidden Moisture
Navigating flood damage to your Largo home can be difficult if you have never experienced a home disaster. This seemingly catastrophic event may be amplified if the damage is not readily visible. Concrete blocks are thick and allow for moisture to fall into cracks, and behind walls easily. There is the potential for excess moisture to rest for long periods. Property owners may only sense a problem when secondary damage, such as unwanted mold growth, appears.

What Processes Do Technicians Use to Mitigate Further Damage in My Home?

• SERVPRO removes excess category three flood water with portable and truck-mounted extraction equipment.
• Technicians use industrial-strength air movers to direct air behind the drywall and into the concrete block cavities.
• Restoration specialists remove excess moisture through the use of dehumidifiers containing HEPA filters.

Our technicians understand the gravity of experiencing loss due to flooding or other natural disasters and take measures to ensure our clients' safety and comfort. For assistance after a flood, Contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

How Can I Restore My Bedroom After a Storm Flood?

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"Flood" You want a team of professionals by your side when dealing with flood damage in your Largo home.

Certified Restoration Technicians Have the Tools and Training Needed for Rapid Response Flood Water Removal from Largo Homes

Bedrooms are areas that can experience a large amount of loss during a flood. Contaminants like chemical runoff and sewage can render many items unsafe to keep, including carpet and mattresses. However, there is a team ready to help Largo homeowners preserve as much as possible while emphasizing clients’ safety.

SERVPRO technicians are ready to assist Largo residents with flood water removal services that include cleanup and home restoration. This team is licensed to render both general contracting (license #CBC1250662) and mold remediation services (license #MRSR1163) to return flood-damaged structures and contents to a preloss condition. Minimizing structural and property loss saves homeowners time and money while providing them with peace of mind.

What is SERVPRO Trained to Do?

Technicians, staff, and franchise owners alike receive extensive education on such topics as:

  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mold Remediation

This commitment to education ensures that SERVPRO teams are well-versed in restoration industry best practices while providing a consistently high standard of service for homeowners.

SERVPRO also provides education opportunities for insurance and real estate professionals that help them better understand the restoration industry as well as how these disasters can impact homes. Courses include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry
  • Restorative Drying for Loss Control
  • A noncredit Mitigation Awareness Response Seminar

How Do I Choose Plants for a Rain Garden?

One of the most effective ways to keep flooding out of your home is to implement outdoor measures that keep your home as safe and dry as possible. Planting a rain garden is an endeavor you can easily undertake on your own or with loved ones.

  • Choose highly-absorbent native plants. Invasive plant species can be detrimental to local ecosystems and plant life. Plants native to Florida are well-suited to handle the precipitation levels in Largo. Popular options for native trees, shrubs, and flowers include:
    • Florida maple (Acer saccharum var. floridum)
    • Blue Flag Iris (Iris virginica)
    • Cinnamon Fern (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum)
    • Rain Lily (Zephyranthes atamasca)
    • Elderberry(Sambucus nigra (subsp.) canadensis)
  • Plan around your location and the plants you wish to use. When planning your garden, keep shorter plants on higher elevation areas and taller ones in the lowest points of where you choose to plant. Smaller plants can be spaced close together for thinning out later on. Pair native grasses with wildflowers to help keep them upright.
  • Make sure plants can tolerate both wet and dry conditions. Rain gardens allow for as much as 30% more water to soak into the ground compared to the average lawn. While this can be beneficial for your gardening needs, be sure to choose plants that are also well- suited to dry spells between rainy weather.

What Does Landscaping Do to Prevent Home Flooding?

  • Water moves away from your home. Talk to a landscaping professional about grading your yard. This process creates a slope around your home in all directions that helps redirect water to the street and nearby municipal drainage systems.
  • Below-ground drainage removes excess water. Using sub-surface drainage options like a French drain or channel system has a variety of benefits for flood damage prevention, including:
    • Preventing erosion
    • Protecting your grass and plants that are sensitive to drainage.
    • Water is redirected where you need it to go. Endpoints for water can include a drain line, a collection pit, or a drain swale.
  • Dry streambeds redirect water while adding curb appeal. These timeless landscaping additions are both aesthetic and functional, especially for areas of your property with a natural slope. Streambeds lower home flood risk by creating a path for water that also keeps it contained.

How Does SERVPRO Prepare Structures for Drying?

Flooded homes require extensive extraction and sanitation to ensure that they can be dried without spreading secondary water damages and microbes through the air. Measures taken before structural drying may include:

  • Cataloging and moving belongings to a SERVPRO warehouse for restoration.
  • Removing solid debris, including silt, sewage, pests, and flood-damaged porous materials like carpeting and mattresses with the informed consent of homeowners and insurance adjusters.
  • Removing damaged porous structural materials like sheetrock and insulation to be replaced during the reconstruction process.
  • Sanitizing flood-damaged, salvageable surfaces with EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions.
  • Deodorization with a variety of materials and tools, including odor counteractant beads, ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging, and hydroxyl generators.

Call SERVPRO of Largo Faster at (727) 586-0060 for disaster mitigation and restoration services that are Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Flood Damage Restoration In Your Belleair Bluffs Home

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flood damaged property Correct measuring of water can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to restore your home.

Using Accurate Measurements to Structure Flood Damage Restoration in your Belleair Bluffs Home

Issues with the plumbing system in your home can quickly result in a flooding emergency. These issues are especially prevalent during the winter months when weather can be more extreme. It is vital to regularly conduct checks of your internal and external plumbing to ensure pipes and drains are capable of working correctly under extreme conditions like the heavy rainfall typically associated with a storm. Despite conducting all the best practices, some unfortunate homeowners may still find themselves facing a water emergency in their home.

The advantage of using professional flood damage restorers in your Belleair Bluffs home is that you can ensure all elements of harm are brought under control. Water can migrate quickly from one area of the home to another. It may also enter wall cavities or subfloor in as little as a few hours. Removing standing water from the home but failing to address water migration can result in secondary microbial growth issues. SERVPRO technicians are trained in the assessment and restoration you need to get your home back on track.

To accurately assess the extent of damage in a property with the flooding, we need to use a range of measuring equipment. Moisture sensors can detect the amount of moisture residing in a porous material, and moisture probes can accurately depict the moisture content. Certain natural materials like wood can absorb significant amounts of moisture. When moisture levels rise above 12%, there is a high risk of warping or cupping. SERVPRO technicians take regular measurements to ensure that water damages are kept to a minimum.

Assessment of the home may require removing physical barriers or obstacles. These procedures can become time-consuming as it requires the removal of sections of drywall. It can also be invasive to the home. SERVPRO technicians can avoid removal materials in the home by using thermal imaging cameras. These equipment use infrared rays to assess the temperatures of surfaces. Cooler surfaces may indicate the presence of water behind a wall or beneath a floor.

Correct measuring of water can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to restore your home. Contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060, now.

For more about Belleair Bluffs click here.

Stay Calm and Make These Calls After Hurricane Dorian Causes Flood Damage in Largo

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Hurricane on a weather map in blue, green, yellow and orange Don’t take on the storm alone, we will be there in Largo after your hurricane water damage.

SERVPRO can help you through the steps after a hurricane in Largo.

When a major hurricane strikes in Largo and other Florida communities, it can sometimes come as a shock when floodwaters rise to unprecedented levels and cause damage to your home. All buildings are put at risk in every storm, even those that have survived many hurricanes in the past. If the worst happens, stay calm and make the right calls to weather the storm as best as possible.


We provide 24/7 emergency services to prepare for disasters like Hurricane Dorian that can cause flood damage in Largo. You should contact us as soon as possible after the disaster so that we can send out damage mitigation teams to immediately extract water and prevent additional damage from happening to your property. In addition to our damage mitigation and restoration work, we can help with other aspects of flood recovery, including a temporary move-out or negotiations with your insurance company. Our national network of resources allows us to handle large-scale disasters like hurricanes without over-extending our personnel and resources, so never hesitate to call us when you need help.

Your Insurance Provider

Calling your insurance company within hours of the disaster hitting your home can help to make sure that your claims get processed and that you receive as much in your payout as possible. Even if the company's telephone lines are jam-packed after the hurricane strikes, automated phone systems and call logs can be very helpful in proving that you took the right steps to report losses and maintain communication. SERVPRO can also work with your insurance company and provide them with updated cost estimates as the restoration process progresses, eliminating some of the paperwork and hassle on your part.

Family and Relatives

While a call to SERVPRO or your insurance company can make sure that your home survives the disaster, your relatives are probably more concerned about you than your belongings. Make sure to call up those who are important to you and let them know that you are okay.

SERVPRO of Largo can help you to overcome even the worst flooding disasters after Hurricane Dorian. Call us 24/7 on our emergency line at (727) 586-0060.

To learn more about Largo, click here.

We Arrive As Soon As Possible To Restore Your Largo Home

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Storm damage occurred at this home when the roof was damaged during a storm.

Flood Damage in Largo Homes: What to Do Before Help Arrives

Heavy storms and hurricanes are not uncommon weather events for Florida residents. When floodwater enters a home, your safety is the most important thing. One of the first things our technicians determine during the initial phone call is if the property is safe for residents to remain on-site. Post-flood dangers in a home include slip and fall accidents from slick, wet floors to electrical shock from the water inside fixtures or wall plugs.

Rainwater and flood damage in your Largo home generally carry two different categorizations. Rain, from an incident such as a damaged roof allowing water in, that is in the house less than 24 hours, has a classification as "clean water" and poses no real health risks. Floodwater that enters as groundwater such as storm surge or flash flooding has the potential to pick up debris, toxins, even sewage and it all comes inside. Residents should avoid contact until our SERVPRO team arrives onsite for flood water cleanup.

Some things you can do before we arrive can assist in lessening water loss from rainwater to your home and possessions:

Use towels or mops to remove excess water
If cushions on sofas or chairs are wet, prop them up, so airflow reaches all sides
Wood stain leeches into wet carpeting, remove or put foil between the legs and carpet or rugs
Take photos and artwork off the walls and store in a dry place

If the water that has entered the home is groundwater, for your safety, avoid contact until our SERVPRO technician tests the water for contaminants. Once we arrive on-site, our certified technicians quickly extract floodwater and dry the home. If flood cuts or other controlled demolition actions were necessary to dry the property, we also have the expertise and licensing as a general contractor #CBC1250662 so we can perform any reconstruction needed to return your home to its preloss condition.

As mold is a significant threat following flood damage, our certified mold remediation specialists #MRSR1163 know the conditions necessary for mold colony growth and use antimicrobial cleaners and sealers to ensure mold is not an issue after the completion of restoration services.

When flood damage is a problem, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060, and our emergency response teams arrive on-site soon after your call to make the water loss in your home "Like it never even happened."

See more about Largo.

When Your Crawlspace In Largo Suffers Flood Damage You Can Count On Our Crew For Help!

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Trust in the fast response and experience of our SERVPRO of Largo professionals to help with thorough extraction and drying solutions.

Flooding In The Crawlspace Of Your Largo Residence

Crawlspaces are common staples to the construction of Largo homes and help to keep houses elevated in flood-prone areas. Also, this space beneath the residence can be a prime location for shutoffs, meters, and other essential components to various utilities running through the property. When this area beneath your house becomes flooded, it can cause many problems for the main floor of the home above. Our professionals have effective techniques for quickly reducing the threats of standing water in a crawlspace, and we can arrive with the full measure of our extraction and drying equipment to help.

With natural disasters that leave flood damage in multiple Largo homes and businesses simultaneously, securing professional restoration quickly is essential to getting work started right away. While our SERVPRO team has a large roster of qualified water restoration and structural drying technicians, not to mention a division of cleaners to handle biohazards and contamination, we have the resources and effective mitigation solutions to address many damaged houses at once.

There are several risks to standing water in the crawlspace of your home, but one of the most pressing of these is meeting the conditions for mold and microbial growth. Colonization of mold can be hazardous, allowing for degradation of structural supports and beams beneath the main floor of your property. Additionally, exposure to active colonization can cause potential health effects. Moisture and dampness can also affect structural elements and construction materials negatively, and force immediate extraction and drying solutions to protect flooring and drywall in the main level of your house.

Our SERVPRO team arrives with production trailers stocked with effective extraction and drying equipment. We can not only remove the standing water and lingering saturation but also work to provide our customers with long-standing solutions that reduce the possibility of further water loss incidents in the crawlspace moving forward.

While crawlspaces can often keep your home from direct flood damages, without the appropriate mitigation and recovery of these damages, your property can still suffer hazardous consequences. Trust in the fast response and experience of our SERVPRO of Largo professionals to help with thorough extraction and drying solutions. Give our experts a call anytime at (727) 586-0060.

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How Professionals Restore Your Flood Damaged Largo Condo

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Largo is always on call for your water damage emergency.

Actions that Improve the Outcome of Flood Removal in a Largo Condo

Flooding in a condo poses a great threat because it costs a significant amount to clean up the immediate damages, and deal with the issues that crop up after some time. In such a unit, it is easy for water to sit too long if the owner is away from home. The water also spreads easily from upper levels to lower ones if the incident starts in upper floors. Taking the right steps after discovering the problem should help restore the property to its preloss state.  

Dealing with any standing water is a crucial step during flood water removal in a Largo condo. Using sophisticated equipment such as water extractors and pumps is the most straightforward way to achieve this. However, because the water is also trapped in wall cavities and other concealed areas, other processes such as drilling weep holes and making flood cuts may be necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians use both portable and truck-mounted water extractors to ease access to any section of the property. Our WRT, Water Restoration Technicians also use their skills to perform the other steps expediting water removal.  

When water originates from a higher level, it can cause widespread damages to the contents in the lower levels. Protecting such items from severe damages is vital. Moving such items, or covering them can help protect them from dripping water and the debris produced during the other restoration steps. Our SERVPRO technicians use plastic sheets to protect contents in open spaces such as garages. Protection also allows us to work fast.  

Water permeates different building materials including drywall and insulation damaging their structural integrity. It also damages certain finishes such as paint causing it to bubble or chip away. In many cases, drying such materials cannot restore them to their preloss state. Our SERVPRO technicians carry out controlled teardown to remove all water-damaged materials. We also clean up all the debris eliminating the problems caused by the incident "Like it never even happened."  

When there is a flooding incident in your condo, call SERVPRO of Largo to help with removal. You can reach us at (727) 586-0060 any time of the day. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Read more about Largo here.

How SERVPRO Uses Industry Grade Moisture Sensors To Restore Your Largo Home

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Our equipment restored the hardwoods in this home after water absorption. The"cupping" effect is visible in this photo.

Do Not Let a Storm Take Over Your Home in Largo 

It can be tough to prepare for the elements to come straight into your home and interrupt your life. Living in Largo, that means being ready to face strong winds, torrential downpours, and storms, even when they are not part of a hurricane system. As much as we may install impact windows and take precautions, it only takes one weather event to create an entryway into your home and allow water to seep through.

For your storm water removal needs in Largo SERVPRO is here to help. Whether the emergency is only at your home or extends to a broader area, our response team is available 24/7 to address your needs. An essential part of becoming a part of our SERVPRO family is formally training on water removal techniques. Our crew is IICRC-certified on the best industry practices which we combine with on-the-field experience to provide comprehensive service to you in your time of need.

Depending on the volume of water that made its way into your home, our SERVPRO crew has different options to use in the extraction process. If the water is somewhat contained, we may be able to remove it by using submersible pumps and handheld extractors. For larger volumes, our Green Fleet counts on truck-mounted pumps that provide a more powerful solution. As the operation progresses, we dispose of the storm water keeping in mind any local regulations and municipal sewage requirements we may need to consider.

Once industry-grade moisture sensors confirm that all water is extracted, we proceed to dry your home and belongings. Aside from drying the air itself, we approach each surface with a specific plan to salvage as much as we can. Very often, outside water coming into your home is filled with debris and unwanted bacteria which forces us to dispose of items such as upholstered furniture and carpet. Our SERVPRO team takes charge and removes these items from your home as recommended by environmental considerations.

SERVPRO of Largo is at the ready to help you when storm waters find their way into your life. Just call us at (727) 586-0060 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Check out the Highland Family Aquatic Center, click here.  

Why We Are The Leader In Flood Damage Restoration In Indian Rocks Beach

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding can cause water to rush downstream and cause significant damage to your home. When this tragedy occurs we are available 24/7 to help you.

Experience is Essential in Flood Damage Restoration of your Indian Rocks Beach Home

Heavy rainfall is a common cause of flash flooding, and during the wet seasons, it is essential to keep an eye on state warning stations. As the name suggests, this phenomenom can cause significant amounts of water to rush downstream with very little warning. The effects can be devastating with as little as two feet of moving water capable of uprooting trees. Your property can sustain damages to both the interior and exterior should you be nearby when flash flooding occurs.

State regulations must be adhered to when dealing with flood damage in Indian Rocks Beach. Exterior parts of the home like trees, doors, garages, vehicles, or windows can be significantly harmed by a flash flood. These debris are then difficult to remove and may require haulage or a temporary dumpster to avoid breaking local laws.

SERVPRO is here to help you sift through the debris, assess which items can be salvaged and dispose of the items that cannot. As a company with extensive experience in flood damages, our rapid response unit can perform some tasks to get you on your way back to recovery. From restoring power your home to making the site safe for general contractors and third-parties to perform remodeling works, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our technicians are experts in removing and drying structures as well as spotting potential hazards and using a combination of gas-powered pumping systems and industrial water extractors we can, in most cases, remove excess water before it causes undue harm to the structure of your home. In some, but not all, flooding situations water may be contaminated.

We have the correct safety equipment, including hazmat suits, and can demolish sections of drywall to ensure your home is sanitary. The flooding of a property can be extremely debilitating which is why using a service that has the honesty, know-how, and expertise to get the job done efficiently. Our experience helps us to answer important questions on where to store belongings, assessing safety issues or structural deficiencies as well as providing personable customer service.

Our services can help you get your home back to preloss conditions after a natural disaster, contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

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Why You Need Professional Restoration Sevices for Your Flood Damaged Indian Rocks Home

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

The potential for flood damage never goes away in Florida. Call SERVPRO to restore your water damaged home.

While flooding might not be a strange occurrence to residents of Indian Rocks Beach, many who have to seek professional restoration services for the first time are often unclear as to what they should expect. It is not a surprise that resources become strained throughout the community when multiple properties get affected simultaneously by a flooding event, but that is when choosing the right restoration outfit makes all the difference regarding cost and efficiency.

With widespread flood damages to your Indian Rocks Beach community, many homeowners believe that professional restoration is likely unavailable, and therefore, seek to recover the damage to their property on their own. Without specific training and the appropriate equipment to restore the property adequately, you welcome further degradation of building materials and effects like mold growth to occur.

Our SERVPRO team works hard to be available to every potential and past customer whenever emergencies like flooding affect their property. As a franchise, we can pool resources together from our nearby branches to offer more personnel and equipment to sites as it gets needed, ensuring that no homeowner waits long periods without the appropriate mitigation that the property needs to preserve structural elements and protect the contents of your house that matter the most.

With substantial water loss situations that flooding presents, you can expect that the restoration process as a whole is not a short and concise project. However, with licensed contractors available through our franchise, we can offer more immediate results than most. We can evaluate and preserve your property from our initial arrival, and utilize our personnel to reconstruct and rebuild damaged elements, which can then get followed up with our premier restoration services.

Flooding is not something that area residents forget about, especially considering that many of the properties throughout the area lie below the floodplains. Finding the right restoration and mitigation services is as simple as a phone call to our SERVPRO of Largo rapid response team. You can reach us 24/7 at (727) 586-0060.

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Ocean Storms Can Cause Flooding inside Your Pinellas County Home

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Unfortunately, our beautiful location is often near the eye of a storm. Should your home suffer flooding, call SERVPRO quickly to help prevent mold.

Team SERVPRO Understands the Urgency of Drying Out Your Home After Flooding to Help Prevent a Mold Infestation

Due to the unique geographic location of the western coast of Florida, living adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico can make it easier for ocean-based storms to hit your home hard with flood damage. Being prepared for an emergency is key to ensuring that a severe storm does not cause injury to anyone living inside your home. However, when the storm clears, and the aftermath is present, it is wise to call for professional help to address the damage that the flood did to the structure of your home and your belongings.
Rushing storm waters can carry debris in their currents, making simple work of creating an entry point for the flood damage in Pinellas County to enter your home. All of the excess water that entered your home settled in your crawlspace, flooding your storage. In order to prevent complications like water or mold damage, it is imperative for you to call for professional help immediately.
When you get in touch with SERVPRO, we make it our goal to arrive at your home within hours of your initial call. Our team of IICRC-certified technicians can bring advanced technology to combat the flooding inside of your home and return it to its preloss state. Once we investigate the damage and devise the best method of restoration, our team can begin working.
Our SERVPRO techs can use equipment such as extractors and submersible pumps to remove the standing water as fast as possible. Extractors are particularly useful to remove the excess moisture from the extra drapes stored in your crawlspace. Because they are equipped with heating elements, they make drying out heavy fabrics easier.
SERVPRO can measure the moisture levels of your home and employ further equipment to ensure that your home is acceptably dry. Our technicians can set up air movers, ventilation fans, and dehumidifiers to get the moisture under control and help prevent mold or water damage inside your home.
When a severe ocean-based storm causes flood damage to your property, it is not wise to wait. Reach out to SERVPRO of Largo by phoning (727) 586-0060. Night or day, we can take the flooding away.

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Flood Cuts: Why They Are Important To Flood Restoration In Your Indian Rocks Beach Home

8/2/2018 (Permalink)

One of the first things that you tend to think of once flood damages have affected your residence is getting these damages corrected.

Flood Cuts Are Important To Flood Restoration

More than simply restoring the damage to your Indian Rocks Beach home following a flood, most homeowners want to understand the process better. Certain approaches to the way that we extract the water or clean up the area might not make as much sense without some context, and understanding the restoration work can help you appreciate the necessity of each step we undertake.

One of the first things that you tend to think of once flood damages have affected your Indian Rocks Beach residence is getting these damages corrected. Restoration work is something that might seem intricate and complicated at first, but once you can understand specific tasks you can visualize how they all come together in our specific SERVPRO method of restoring your home back to preloss conditions efficiently.

A good example of a step for flood restoration that often requires explanation is flood cutting. These are portions of drywall and wood paneling that get removed and often discarded beginning at the floor and moving up the wall. These cuts often range as high as several feet from the baseboard up, entirely removing the material damaged by the floodwaters that have gotten extracted from the affected area.

This oversaturation of the material is cause enough to remove this material in most cases, as it is sometimes simply more cost-effective to replace damaged material than to spend long periods and extended resources to restore something as basic as drywall.

Another reason that flood cuts are necessary is to allow our SERVPRO technicians access to wall cavities where moisture and dampness linger. This approach allows our equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to do their job to eliminate the persistent moisture that can create worsening conditions.

While this might just be one piece of the restoration process to consider, it is something that helps you to appreciate better the complexity of the work that our technicians do to restore your home entirely. You can rely on our SERVPRO of Largo professionals to respond quickly and help to bring your property back to preloss conditions as efficiently as possible. Give us a call 24/7 at (727) 586-0060.

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Keeping Your Things Safe From Flood Damages In Your Pinellas County Home

5/30/2018 (Permalink)

You can trust our flood restoration specialists to help you overcome any issues water might have caused to your home.

Keeping Your Things Safe After A Flood

For all of the beautiful things about the weather and average climate of your Pinellas County home, there are some drawbacks living in a coastal state. One of these drawbacks is the persistent possibility of severe weather and the risks associated with the damage that these storms can cause. Most homeowners in the area carry some degree of flood insurance on the understanding that this could happen with little warning, but that does not make the damages any easier to face.

Perhaps one of the most devastating of flood damages to your Pinellas County home is the effect that this pooling water can have on the aesthetic features, structural components, and contents of your home. Fortunately, with the right professional restoration service, either recommended by your insurance company or solely sought out by you, these effects can get addressed quickly and lessen their impact on your home.

Our SERVPRO team of professionals can help you to better understand the effects that this water has had in your home, and what steps must get taken to restore these issues. Our initial inspection can detail all of the areas in need of attention, as well as identify contents of your home that must get removed from harm's way while restoration continues.

To preserve these items that are at risk in your house, for example, our SERVPRO technicians can activate our pack-out policy. This service removes items from your home that limit restoration work from happening or that stand the most significant risks of irreparable water damage. Once the restoration completes, the team can bring these contents of your home back to where they initially sat, better known as pack-in.

While this procedure is only a small portion of the restoration plan our technicians take when facing flood damage, it shows the dedication that we have to satisfy our customers during a trying time. You can trust our SERVPRO of Largo flood restoration specialists to help you overcome any issues water might have caused to your home. Give SERVPRO a call anytime at (727) 586-0060.

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What You Should do When a Storm Causes Flood Damage on Your Indian Rocks Beach Property

4/15/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding requires experienced professional technicians to handle. Contact SERVPRO right away for drying out and remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Rapidly Dries Out Your Flooded House 

Flood damage is a tricky thing to handle. However, a township or city founded beach-side with the Atlantic Ocean can make it even trickier. The ocean pushes several minor storms at the US every year, but during hurricane season, the storms that it conjures can be incredibly damaging to your home. Heavy rainfall can bring rapid flooding to your property and, in the span of a few hours, your home can become filled with several inches or even feet of water. When a situation like this occurs, many homes are in need of water removal and restoration services. Fortunately, qualified help is not far from your reach when a particularly damaging storm hits your home.
After receiving your call, our IICRC-certified technicians can arrive as swiftly as possible at your residence to begin remediating the flood damage in Indian Rocks Beach. Depending on the depth of the water and severity of the damage, our technicians can pick the right equipment for the job and begin the process quickly. The longer water sits stagnant in your home, the more damage it can do to the structure and your belongings inside.
SERVPRO can use portable pumps and industrial-quality wet/dry vacuums to remove the water as quickly as possible. If the flood water contained dangerous bacteria, sewage, or chemicals, you might need to throw away some of your belongings that have been contaminated. Carpets and rugs should not be kept in these situations as the harmful contaminants can remain even after trying to clean them. SERVPRO can help you sort through what is safe to keep and what is not. After the water removal process, we can address cleaning out and drying your home.
When a storm causes flood damage on your property, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060. We strive to get our technicians to your home as soon as possible so we can begin the remediation process.

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Remediating Flood Damage In Largo

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

Flood damage to Largo homes from storms brings more than just simply water.

Remediating Flood Damage

Largo homes can be underwater in a matter of hours. The weather of the past year may no longer be an issue, but we still have rain and other weather issues to deal with, some as quickly as this week.

Flood damage to Largo homes from storms brings more than just simply water. Outside, untreated water potentially brings in multiple types of contamination as well. Debris like soil and roadside trash can enter a home with a storm that simply is not present when the water falls out of a damaged water heater. Since this additional problem can result in further property loss, SERVPRO response teams watch for contaminants to clean property as we dry it.

Our first action no matter the contamination level is to remove property out of the water. To do this, we remove water from the home and lift the property out of the water by placing it on pallets, blocks, or moving it to unaffected parts of the home. It stops damage to fabric and wood finish, and by placing the furniture higher up, we get airflow underneath the items to increase drying.

Now we look at each item. SERVPRO inspectors examine everything for both drying and cleaning, then place response team members on the items at greatest risk for permanent damage and disposal. For light contamination, we attempt to remove it with cloths and sponges. If possible, we do this only a small amount of cleaning agent to prevent soaking the items further.

For ticker layers of contamination, we use brushes. These hand tools are very effective in removing most soils, which then allows us to use a cleaning agent to loosen the surface contaminants and remove them with the brushes, cloths, or sponges.

Once we remove the contaminants, technicians begin drying the property. We set up dehumidifiers to lower the humidity inside the home and to carefully remove excess moisture from a nearby property. To increase the efficiency of these devices, we also place air movers to blow warm, dry air over and under surfaces to gently force moisture out of them.

Remediating flood damage requires much more than just removing water from your home. SERVPRO of Largo has the experience, training, and tools needed to restore your property to its original condition. If you need our help, call (727) 586-0060 today.

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Generator Fire Adds To Hurricane Irma Damage In Largo

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Largo Area Properties and SERVPRO Help After Hurricane Irma

Tropical Storm Assistance? Call SERVPRO

One of the ways homeowners prepare for the effects of hurricane activity in Largo is to consider a portable or stationary standby generator. This option can be a property saver or the source of a substantially accelerated disaster if a power surge, malfunction, or misuse of the generator causes fire damage in addition to the harm already inflicted by the hurricane. We are ready to assist with hurricane devastation, straightforward or complicated.

The flooding and other hurricane damage start a broad array of deterioration events in your Largo home. Loss of electricity impedes the ability of your HVAC system to guard against humidity-based hurricane damage in Largo. Knowing this you fire up a generator after lights flicker and die, but to your horror, a blaze ignites, and your home sustains double the damage. Our commitment to offering customers both water and fire damage remediation means we increase our efforts to address both events.
Water and fire damage often go hand in hand. A typical home fire is controlled and extinguished by thousands of gallons of water. This time the post-hurricane water arrives first, and shorts out your generator because of the lack of a transfer switch and a worn extension cord. Stored fuel for a portable model also may dislodge, cracking the container because of rising levels of water. Either way, the result is a fire, and SERVPRO adds fire restoration to the hurricane recovery plan.
We remove the water and assess for water damage first, taking care to check for instability within the house before sending SERVPRO workers and equipment inside your home. Although fire damage grabs the attention, standing water and its unattended damage have the potential to cause long-term, continuous harm to your home. They also interfere with ongoing cleaning efforts. Using our truck mounted pumps and extractors, the standing water is evacuated, and air movers and dehumidifiers take over to reduce moisture in structures and the air. Throughout the process, our trained technicians monitor the progress made to achieve our drying targets.
The SERVPRO team then begins fire cleanup, using industry approved techniques and products. Although we complete the water damage abatement first, the acidic nature of smoke and soot damage impels a speedy second round of fire damage remediation. The overall hurricane damage plan is complex, but we persevere, bringing years of experience in complicated restoration projects to your situation.
Rely on the ability of SERVPRO of Largo to respond quickly and successfully to your hurricane damage. Call our dispatchers at (727) 586-0060 for an inspection and assessment of all your restoration needs.

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Drying Your Basement Flooring After Flood Damage From Heavy Rains In Belleair Bluffs

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

The first thing which needs to be done is to get rid of as much of the standing water as possible.

Drying Your Basement Flooring After A Flood

If you live in a flood zone in Belleair Bluffs, or you are experiencing heavy rains, you might worry about water leaking into your basement through window wells. The only thing you can do immediately after such an event is to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. The first thing which needs to be done is to get rid of as much of the standing water as possible. However, you have to wait until the storm stops and the waters stop rising.

You need to contact a professional water remediation specialist at SERVPRO to help you with the flood damage in your Belleair Bluffs home. When we first arrive at your home, we assess the damage and write up a scope of the work which needs to be done. We go through all the steps with you before we begin any remediation.

One major thing to consider in a situation such as this is the effects of the water and moisture on your flooring. Painted concrete can blister or flake, which requires repainting. If the paint has lead, we use a qualified subcontractor to remove the original paint.

Concrete floors are porous, meaning water can wick up leaving a chalk-like calcium on the surface. We can usually brush these off. Any surface film or dirt on concrete can support the growth of mold. Our technicians at SERVPRO can clean the concrete after the water is up by HEPA vacuuming and apply an EPA-registered disinfectant if we need to.

Usually, asphalt tile keeps a good bond with concrete after water damage. Chalky or white areas appear sometimes, but they should respond well to our cleaning methods. The whitening is many times caused by a separate of sealer wax or finishes from the floor.

Vinyl tile on concrete isn't as durable as the asphalt tile. It usually comes loose if much water is involved. The motion of the water coming up through concrete could force vinyl tiles to separate from the floor. Since it comes up easily from concrete, replacing them is easier than replacing asphalt tiles. Vinyl tile is many times less expensive to replace than to dry.

You can trust SERVPRO of Largo to take care of your basement flooring after it floods, along with the rest of the cellar. We always check the subflooring as well to ensure your basement in the areas of Indian Rocks Beach, Belleair Bluffs, and Largo is restored properly when you call us at (727) 586-0060.

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Flood Damage Restoration For Your Indian Rocks Beach Home

6/14/2017 (Permalink)

Indian Rocks Beach Storm Damage Get Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Relieves Your Stress and Restores Your Property After a Flooding

Making quick, informed decisions after flood damage rears its ugly head on your property can make all of the difference in your recovery process. The longer you wait, the more likely secondary damages develop, often leading to mold growth and other hazards that make your homes restoration even worse.

If you find yourself facing flood damage issues in your Indian Rocks Beach home, consider making a call for help that could save you considerable losses. A full-service solution, combined with expertly trained flood damage restoration technicians waits for your call. Make a choice to take control and fight back; there is no reason for you to go it alone.
Consider your options, the longer you wait, the longer your repairs take, the more secondary damages develop on your property. Without the right equipment, knowledge, and ability, you can make things far worse. Why take the chance of injury, heartache, and regret. When faced with such adversity, you want to put your best foot forward.
SERVPRO technicians have years of experience providing flood damage restoration services to customers just like you. With access to the proper training, industry leading equipment, and resources, highly qualified teams address problems found on your property, remove excess water, water-damaged materials, and perform repairs to turn things around quickly.
SERVPRO works with your insurance company to deliver quality services that often meet or exceed any expectations you might have had before work began. We manage your entire restoration process, giving you the opportunity to relax and concentrate on what matters most, family. Keeping them calm, safe, and informed is more important than anything else.
SERVPRO understands how these situations can overwhelm you. We consider every solution before taking action, value your input, and concentrate on areas or belongings that you cherish the most. While every situation is different, it is entirely likely that you can easily receive the results you desire, we just need to be given the opportunity to answer your call.
Contact SERVPRO of Largo for additional information or to schedule your home’s restoration, today. We can help get you on the road to recovery immediately, providing you with the services you deserve. (727) 586-0060

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Flood Damage in Belleair Beach Homes Caused by Overflows

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Regardless of the cause, SERVPRO technicians are trained to remediate your flood damage quickly in order to help prevent secondary damage.

SERVPRO Technicians can Quickly Remediate Damage Caused by Flooding in Your Home

When people hear about flooding, they often think of acts of nature, such as rivers that overflow their banks. This is not always the case, and flooding can happen because of sources inside the home.
Belleair Beach has beautiful homes that are just as vulnerable to flood damage as homes that are more ordinary. This type of disaster can affect any home but is easy enough to prevent from happening. While a lack of maintenance involving appliances is often to blame, forgetting that water is running in a tub or sink can also create flooding in a home.
Flooding caused by overflows typically involves clean water, but that same water is also often rather warm. Increased temperatures can increase the damage that results. Warm or hot water dissolves tea, coffee, and sugar more quickly than cold water can. Warm tub water or hot water from the sink can more easily dissolve the glue that holds the flooring down to the underlay.
Flooring is not the only thing that can bubble and come loose. Cabinetry in the area can also become damaged by flooding in kitchens and bathrooms. Laminates can become sticky, peel, or bubble and flake off. Composite structures can swell as they absorb water, and become warped as they dry unevenly.
Even for small overflows, the possibility of contamination is high when kitchen and bathroom cabinets hold cleaning supplies. Combinations of cleaners and other items can increase the amount of damage. SERVPRO's technicians know how to handle complicated messes, including those that start out small.
Flooding disasters come in all sizes, but you should not let smaller floods trick you into thinking the damage they can cause is too insignificant to concern you. Flood damage can also include electrical damage. While outlets are often placed in higher locations in these two rooms, water that flows out and down can affect wiring and outlets in other areas of your home.
SERVPRO of Largo has the experience needed to restore your home's affected areas, keeping flood damage from spreading. Give us a call at (727) 586-0060, the next time you have a sink or tub that overflows.