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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Water Damage and Mold Remediation Needed in Largo Home

A long-term hidden leak in this Largo kitchen created a situation that required both water damage cleanup and remediation in the kitchen. SERVPRO technicians removed a single board in the kitchen to confirm the spread of mold growth underneath the flooring.

Mold Damage Remediation

Cleaning a home with mold damage resembles the actions needed during mitigation for water damage as there is sometimes extraction and always drying equipment involved. Mold thrives in highly humid to wet environments, and both drywall and hardwood floorboards make an ideal food source for rapidly spreading mold colonies.

Finding the Size of the Water Damage Within the Kitchen

SERVPRO technicians needed to nail down the source of the moisture in the kitchen and determine the scale of the damage from the water and mold infestation. The device shown in the Before Photo measures moisture content on any surface it is held against. Using this equipment in an organized manner allows SERVPRO techs to plot the migration path of the water as well as determine areas of high moisture under flooring and behind walls.

Air Quality Measures by SERVPRO During Mold Remediation in Largo Properties

Mold spores can become airborne during the remediation process. In anticipation of this event occurring, SERVPRO techs put up containment over doors and vents to keep the spores from floating to another home area through the ductwork or a doorway. The use of heavy-duty equipment such as an air scrubber is another method used by the techs. This machine may run from start to finish during the mitigation actions and sit behind the scenes, improving the air quality within the Largo residential property.

Extraction and Drying the Largo Kitchen

In the case of a slow leak, there are often little to no water removal actions needed. However, proactive tasks such as removing ruined sheetrock, exposure of the subfloor by removing floorboards, and other efforts may be required to prep the Largo kitchen for drying. The drying phase of the restoration services serves two purposes. The first is to do the obvious, dry the damp areas. The second creates an inhospitable environment for mold growth. The dried matter left behind by the mold colonies after attaining drying goals can get removed through gentle manual scraping or powerful applications such as soda blasting away the dried mold colonies. Once completed, the technicians clean all exposed surfaces with their professional antimicrobial and sanitizing solutions.

The After Photo shows a clean, dry Largo kitchen ready to serve up family breakfast, lunch, and dinners again in a healthy environment. The cleanup job by SERVPRO does not leave a hint of the previous water damage and mold infestation present in this room, “Like it never even happened.”

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